95,593 green certificates traded in 2008 in Romania

As many as 95,593 green certificates were traded in 2008 in the Centralized Market of Green Certificates, according to data published on the website of the Operator of the Energy Market – OPCOM, cited by Rompres.

As many as 37,703 green certificates were traded in 2007, through OPCOM.

On Dec 1, 2006, the Rules for the organization and operation of the Green Certificates Market came into effect, they were approved by the ANRE 22 order, of Oct 18, 2006.

The Green Certificate is a document certifying 1MWh of electricity generated from renewable sources. The producers receive for every unit of electricity supplied in the grid, namely 1 MWh, a green certificate, which can be sold separately from electricity, on the market of green certificates.

The suppliers have to possess a number of green certificates equal with the share of renewable energy earmarked.

The price of green certificates ranges in an interval set by government ordinance. There is a minimum price imposed for the protection of producers, and a maximum one for the protection of consumers.

For the period 2005-2012, the minimum and maximum annual trading value of the green certificates stands at 24 euros/certificate, or 42 euros/certificate, calculated at the rate of exchange set by the Central Bank of Romania, for the last workday of December 2008.

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Source: Rompres


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