Romanian Economy Minister Adriean Videanu on Tuesday pledged to discuss with Prime Minister Emil Boc about a possible emergency ordinance to pass the Law 220 on renewable energy production.

Bucharest, March 23, 2010

“I promise to talk to the prime minister to have the Law 220 adopted through emergency ordinance, because parliament proceedings take three to four months,” Videanu said.

Petru Lificiu, head of the country’s energy regulator ANRE, said earlier Tuesday that the law would be adopted by the parliamentary recession this summer.

“We’ve had problems with the Law 220 and we carry on intensive correspondence with the Competition Council and the EuropeanCommission. A delegation from ANRE will depart for Brussels no later than Wednesday (March 24),” Lificiu said.

“I’m anxious to hear the Commission’s response. I don’t know what else to tell people who ask me why we have a law that can’t be applied,” he added.

The law on renewable energy should have been enforced since 2009, but applicability norms are yet to be set.


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