Developing a Wind Farm in Romania not without Danger?

Today, July 26th 2010

5 people shot with rubber bullets on the construction site of what should become the largest wind farm in Europe, near the village of Cogealac, Romania. The shooting followed a conflict between the inhabitants and the major in Cogealac locality, on one hand, and the body guards protecting the wind farm project which is being built there. The major was planning to fine the company which owns and builds the wind park in Cogealac- Continental Wind Partners and CEZ. However, the body guards who protect the premises have not allowed the mayor’s team to enter the site. It was during the fight when the body guards decided to fire the rubber bullet guns. According to Continental Wind Partners previous statements, the Cogealac major fails to issue the required permits to consolidate the roads in the region, as it has agreed with and rented land to other investors in wind projects for the area. Only 6 wind towers are located in the area of locality Cogealac.

The total investments of the CEZ Group in the largest European continental wind farm in the Romanian province Dorbogea will reach EUR 1.1 billion, according to data from CEZ Group. The project is split into two phases in the vicinity of the Fantanele and Cogealac municipalities. The first phase of the project – Fantanele, comprising 139 wind turbines with the total rated capacity of 347.5 MW will be completed during this year The second phase in the vicinity of Cogealac with the total capacity of 252.5 MW should be commissioned next year. The construction project will thus comprise 240 wind turbines, each with the rated capacity of 2.5 MW. The total rated capacity of the project will reach 600 MW.  The project is known as the Fantanele Wind Farm project and should be the show case of Wind development in Romania.

The project was bought by CEZ from as a fully licensed project. Romania’s television station Antenna 3 reports that the investments are currently blocked.

This is not the first set back for CEZ. The company allegedly faced problems before, with the property rights of a plot of land that they purchased for the the construction of a new substation, when one inheritant from America started to contest the property title.

This incident comes at the moment that many investors reconsider their presence on the Romanian Market. Ongoing uncertainty about the Law 220 on Green energy but also the problems with the development of projects in Romania with obtaining the permits and uncertainty about land ownership already made several developers decide to leaving to other neighbouring countries such as Ukraine while developer LAMAR Company starts to develop the first Wind Energy project in the Republic of Moldova.

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