Update: Cogealac Wind Farm; Where there is Smoke there is Fire

Minister Videanu

Minister Videanu

Monday, we reported about the shooting on the premises of a CEZ wind farm project near the village Cogealac. Today, we have information that the fights have a political background. Allegedly, the source of the incident could be the fact that Iberdrola wants to build in the same area as CEZ . In the meantime the Mayor of Cogealac has been arrested and is currently interrogated about the incident.

CEZ bought the project from Continental Wind Power (CWP). The project is fully licensed and has a building permit issued by the county Constanta. The major claims that he did not give a building permit for the project. Minister Videanu (Economy) allegedly send a letter to the major to support the investor in the area (CEZ?).

Several month ago, Iberdrola signed an agreement with the Romanian Government for the development of 1500 MW wind power in Romania and now it seems that Iberdrola is interested in the same area where CEZ is already constructing.

Also the  Czech and the Spanish embassies seems to be implicated in the affair. In the days coming we will continue to report about this incident as it illustrates the current situation in Romania regarding wind development.

Meanwhile Ecolica Dobrogea, the company that works for Iberdrola, requests to have a referendum about the matter and who will have the rights to construct in the area. What remains an enigma at this moment is: what is it worth to have a building permit in Romania?

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One response to “Update: Cogealac Wind Farm; Where there is Smoke there is Fire

  1. Sir, as Chairman of the involved company Eolica, I inform you that you can find on a regular basis also comments from our side under http://www.edch.ch. Regarding the actual situation, you find there also our press release. Sincerely Yours, Ch. Kapp.

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