Situation report about wind farm development in Romania

Lamar Company issued a business report titled the “Perspectives of investing in wind energy in Romania”. This report provides investors and developers of wind parks with actual information about the possibilities and obstacles of developing and constructing a wind farm in Romania.

Romania is seen as the new frontier when it comes to wind power with a wind potential of 14.000 MW. but “Is There Profit In Wind Energy In Romania?” That is the leading question of the report. Big project plans are announced or yet on the way to be built by companies such as CEZ (600 MW) and Iberdrola (1500 MW). But all these good intentions do not mean that Romania is ready for them. Moreover there are a lot of questions about how the energy market will develop and about the potential revenues.

The report gives the latest information about the four main areas of concern for renewable energy and wind energy in particular in Romania. These area are:

  • Legislative Framework
  • Finance
  • Grid
  • Land Registration
  • Bureaucracy

“Perspectives of investing in wind energy in Romania” is an up to date inventory of the situation on wind energy, both the opportunities and the obstacles are well described and with the latest information about the law on renewable energy. It contains the latest maps and statistics about wind energy, the Romanian Grid and  wind projects  in Romania. The report also gives useful practical information what a developer should pay attention to and what it costs when developing Wind Farm in Romania.

The report furthermore explains extensively the payment system for wind energy and the working of the day ahead market as well as provides calculations for profitability of a wind farm in Romania.

This report is especially useful for developers that experience problems with keeping the overview in a country where rules and regulations are constantly changing.

Click HERE to read more and for ordering your copy of this Industry Report.


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