EU project ProBioPo publishes report about Potential of Industrial Biogas Polygeneration in Romania

A key aim of ProBioPol is to explore the possibilities and oppertunities of industrial biogas polygeneration in Romania. This implies collecting relevant data for the supply chain as well as frame conditions, location or availbility of components for biogas polygeneration plants.

The combined production of electricity and heat from gas arising out of the fermentation of organic wastes is a clever and promising technology. Wastes are not wasted, but used to produce sustainable, economical and indigenous energy.

ProBioPol stands for Promoting and Supporting Implementation of Biogas-Polygeneration and is an EU project financed as a Specific Support Action within the Sixth Framework Programme in the priority area of sustainable energy systems.

With the Specific Support Action within FRP6 ProBioPol addresses the following objectives:

  • Reducing green house emissions
  • Kick-starting the market for large-scale biogas polygeneration in Romania
  • Demonstrating energy self-suffciency of agro industrial companies
  • Analysing the options and feasbilities of biogas facilities in Romania
  • Promoting and disseminating knowledge to potential investors
  • Supporting policy and decision-makers to address biogas investment
  • Initiating two large-scale biogas polygeneration plants in Romania with up to 10,000,000 kWh

ProBioPol was launched in October 2007 and ran until January 2010. The project consortium consists of seven partners from Romania and Germany and is managed by AGIMUS from Braunschweig, Germany

Read more about the project: Click Here

Download the report: HERE


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