New version LAW 220 published, 13th August 2010

The Romanian National Regulator ANRE for Energy published the new version of LAW 220. This law was initially approved in 2008 but due to many problems with the provisions in this law it was almost immediately suspended. It took another two years to make changes to the law that makes the law finally comply with European regulations. The law makers in fact did not follow the procedures how to introduce new local laws as a EU members state and therefore had to go back to the drawing board and do it all over again.

The result of these efforts was a so-called repair law that overcomes all the problems in law 220. This repair law, law 139/2010, now changed the law 220/2008. The new version of law 220 was finally published in the Official Gazette, Part I no. 577 of August 13, 2010. Due to the holidays nobody seemed to know about this and only today we found out through the blog of Constantin Stoian:” Puterea sub lupă“.

LAMAR Company published the new law and the consequences in the report “Perspectives of Investing in Wind Energy in Romania“, the most actual source for the market for wind energy in Romania. In this 160 pages report all the changes, benefits and barriers to wind energy are discussed. This report already contains the latest information about the new promotion scheme for RES in Romania based on law 139/2010 but now the new version of law 220 officially is in place, author of the report Markus Vrieling, the CEO of LAMAR Company, provided all subscribers of the report with a new updated release of the report. The updated version of the report also contains the English translation of the new law, making it easier and more transparent for foreign investors to assess the financial implications of investing in Wind Energy in Romania.


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