Construction of CEZ wind farm halted

Investor blocked by Constantza Construction Inspectorate because of differences with the issuing of building permit for the second project (Constanta County Council) (…) In the current environment, the investment of 1.1 billion CEZ group is stopped without solid legal arguments and still no official notices, casting doubts on the importance for Romania on creating a healthy climate for foreign investors”, according to a press release sent to the Czech group Tuesday to MEDIAFAX.

CEZ, that acquired the project over two years ago, claims that it followed the legal procedure for obtaining the approval correctly and in accordance with Romanian legislation.

“As an investor, CEZ Group has fulfilled obligations relating to browsing phase of opinion, respecting the laws in force in Romania, expressing confidence in the Romanian state authorities have issued all notices required by law and is a proving ground that serious investor, one not only declarative level, “the source quoted.

Five people were reportedly injured on July 26, in Cogealac being shot with rubber bullets, after a conflict between the mayor and residents, on the one hand, and the employees security company who protected the construction site of one of the wind tower if the new wind farm.

Czech group says that the head of ITCC, Gigi Chiru, asked CEZ to stop working on the project in the commune Cogealac, though not through a formal notice but through a press conference.

“The fact that representatives of ITCC challenge the legality of permits issued by other institutions in the State creates an image of Romania’s legislative and business climate being difficult. (…) The contradictory signals transmitted through such events are threatening a foreign investment of 1.1 billion euros; it is dangerous for foreign investors, “says CEZ.

According to CEZ, “there are still representatives of local authorities that appear to making major efforts to block a draft law that is fully endorsed by all the competent Romanian authorities.

“Regrettably, even after all these state institutions have approved the investment, another institution seeking reasons and occasions to oppose in any way the construction of Cogealac, the second phase of the wind farm . It is difficult to understand blatant attitude of some representatives of state authorities who seem more interested in drawing the spotlight and attention of the cameras than to following the legal procedures and to exercise proper role and functions that have been invested, “the press release reads.

Czech group adds that “despite unclear difficulties from several representatives” of local authorities in Constanta, it recently began producing electricity with 90 wind turbines.

The bureaucracy and complicated unclear procedures are one of the barriers described in the report “Perspectives of investing in wind energy” by Markus Vrieling, CEO at LAMAR Company. In this 160 pages report the author gives a comprehensive overview of the market, the barriers for constructing and the profitability of a wind farm in Romania.


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