Interview with Markus Vrieling. Author of “Perspectives of investing in Wind Energy on Romania”

On the 21 of September 2010 we had an interview with Markus J.B. Vrieling, the author of the report “Perspectives of investing in Wind Energy in Romania”.

Interviewer: You published in September 2010 the report “Perspectives of Investing in Wind Energy in Romania”

Q: What in a few words is the report about?

Markus: This report is a 160 pages document that in fact is a comprehensive document  about the market for wind energy in Romania. It describes the investment climate for investing in wind energy in Romania anno 2010. Moreover it provides all information a developer and investor wants and needs to know about the market, the payment scheme and the market organization. Besides that we described the barriers to investing in Wind Energy in Romania.

Q: Why did your company publish this report?

Markus: In the discussions with our clients and many other people that are active in the market for wind energy we discovered that it is very difficult for many to get the overview. Information is not centralized and not many can tell exactly what are the important issues a developer and investor has to be aware of when developing a wind farm in Romania. Then the idea came to make a comprehensive report in which all information is made available. After several months of collecting information, talking to the right people and writing, the report is there.

Q: What makes the report different from other publications about wind energy and renewables in general?

Markus: First of all, this is a document that has been written especially for developers and investors. Secondly, it does no aim to promote wind energy but wants to provide information from an objective point of view. Thirdly, the report is up to date and we keep it that way by providing regularly updates to our readers.

Q: It looks like that in your report you are not promoting wind energy at all. Are you negative about the perspectives?

Markus: As mentioned before, we did not want to write a report that spreads the message that one should invest in Wind Energy just because we happen to be in the business. We wanted to draw conclusions based on facts and the current legislation, regulations and payment system; the report is a valuable source of information without the objective to ‘sell’ any form of renewables. This also makes the report somewhat unique because the reports that are written about the subject are mainly done so with the purpose of promoting. Given the current situation and referring to the barriers I mentioned in the report the conclusion cannot be that investors should invest right now en mass in wind energy, that would totally be against common sense every investor has.

Q: What will be in your opinion the future of wind energy in Romania?

Markus: We think that wind energy has a great potential but we are also sceptic at this very moment about the payment system as it is described in the new version of law 220. But as green energy and the payment systems in Europe are under constant development – Germany now probably will discard the green certificates and move to having a feed-in tariff – we are confident that in the future there will be new changes to the payment system that will be more favourable for wind energy projects.

Q: If you would do a prediction now based on your knowledge of the market today, how many wind towers will we have in 2020 in Romania?

Markus: We developed a spreadsheet that allows one to see how the market could develop. Based on the information we have now  Romania will have 18,5% RES by 2020 instead of 20% and then all the predictions have to come true. However, at this moment we are not confident that all the projects for which contracts have been signed will be carried out. So realistic spoken I would say that we will have 3500 MW of wind power installed by 2020.

Q: What will be your next project?

Markus: Besides that we are actively working on solutions for wind farms in Romania by negotiating for our clients the terms for connecting and the paperwork, we also are active in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine with several new Wind Energy Projects.  Moreover, I am working on the Workbook Renewable Energy for Romania, that provides a complete overview of all the procedures, documents and permits needed to developing a wind farm. This book should be ready by November 2010.


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