Internet as Information Source: information gets quickly outdated

As markets are quickly changing and laws and regulations do likewise, the Internet as reliable source of information is at stake. Often reports are published but the date of publishing cannot be found anywhere or is difficult to track.

Users tend to take anything that is published on then internet for granted and true. This involves a great risk as the information retrieved often became obsolete.

We at Carbon Credit Exchange portal try to keep our information updated but you always should look if there is an article about the subject your are looking for of a later date. Especially when you looks for information about green certificates and the law (220) on renewables in Romania then you should look for the latest articles and that are not always you will find at the top of your search results.

One company that deals with this is LAMAR Company. Of their report “Perspectives of Investing in Wind Energy in Romania” has a monthly updated version. Registered users will receive these updates for free during the first 6 months after the first publication of the report.

Latest update will be available soon (July 2011)

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