Wind Power Romania 2011

Green Power Conferences

In association with the Romanian Wind Energy Association

Wind Power Romania 2011 is THE premier Romanian wind energy event brought to you by the Romanian Wind Energy Association and Green Power Conferences.

Wind Power Romania 2011 will provide the largest networking platform for key players from the wind industry to identify potential business ventures and form strategic partnerships to help drive growth in this emerging market with in-depth analysis and key insight from wind operator/developer case studies.
According to the Romanian Wind Energy Association, installed wind energy will be 650MW by the end of 2010, compared with 2009’s installed capacity of 14.1MW.   Romania’s wind power potential could reach 3000MW by 2013 and 5000MW of installed wind energy capacity by 2020.  Having the highest wind power potential in south east Europe, Romania is set to significantly expand its wind energy capacity over the coming years.

Agenda outline:

The congress agenda will cover all aspects of wind power potential in Romania, with particular focus on administrative, policy and regulatory opportunities, challenges and market drivers to speed up the development of wind power growth in Romania.  Key issues to be addressed include:

  • Developments in wind policy, legislation and regulatory mechanisms
  • Permitting, siting and policy issues including developments in creating spatial planning procedures and speeding up approval of EIAs (Environmental Impact Assessments)
  • Financing and investing in wind power in Romania
  • Wind power transmission and distribution – integration, grid connection and transmission
  • Offshore wind prospects for Romania
  • Building a strong supply chain
  • Performance, reliability, O&M issues

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