Transelectrica received requests for over 31.000 MW Wind Power in Romania

To date, Transelectrica has received applications for the connection of wind parks for the total capacity of 31,000 MW while the countries so-called wind potential is an estimated 14,000 MW. Connection contracts for 3700 MW

have been signed while connection approvals for another 4600 MW have been issued. Moreover 11.000 MW are in various stages of study. In total, the ANRE received requests for more than 31,000 MW new wind power in Romania.

For sure that capacity will not be installed. Today the RPS (Romanian Power System) or Grid can handle just over 3000 MW, according to Marian Cernat Director of the National Energy Dispecetatului (DEN) of Transelectrica. The plans for new capacities already have been made for until 2020 and these do not foresee in adding thousands of MW transport capacity extra to the Grid.

A full overview of the perspectives of investing in wind energy can be found in the report made by Lamar Company


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