Steady Increase in the Production of Green Energy in Romania

After the CEZ project in Fantanele become operational, the production of green energy increases steadily. Accordingly the number of Green Certificates issued by the TSO increased every month. Still the new Law 220 that was published ont he 13th of August and should have been implemented according to that same law within 3 months apparantly is not applied as CEZ together with all the other E-RES producers receive only 1 green certificate until now.

In October in total 96.061 MW was produced and 96.061 green certificates were issued. At this moment the GC’s are sold at the highest price, i.e. 55 EURO as the demand exceeds many times the number of GC’s offered on the market. Still it does not mean that the GC”s are sold immediately. Despite the high demand as noted on the OPCOM website, still GC’s are not sold when they are available.

The chart below tries to explain the difference between offer and demand. It is obviously not clear to see what the actual offer is as that is a tiny pink line at the beginning of the line on the left. Maybe the specialists in statistics at Opcom could try another type of graphic representation on their website.



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