Law 220 on Renewables Romania: A Story Without Ending?


The Law 220 for Renewable Energy in Romania again modified?

The number of green certificates given for producers of renewable energy is likely to be reduced, announced the vice-president of ANRE , Petru Lificiu  today.
There are proposals to reduce the number of certificates per MWh to less then 3 when the energy is generated through biomass where the specific investment is small. Two examples where given: biogass resulted from the natural fermentation of animal / vegetal garbage – proposal: 1 certificat per MWh and 2 certificates for biogass resulting from the use of more sophisticated and expensive techniques.
The producers sound unhappy about these propsals: “I do not know if the Italian investors still will be interested to come in Romania. But there are more problems; first of all because there are no guarantees: the law says that the value is between 27-55 euros, but i need to be sure that this value is to be stable. Secondly, in Romania a contract for delivering electricity is 1 year , while in other countries the contact is for 15 years. Basically, when we go to the banks in Italy, Germany, France or The Netherlands we can show we have a fix rate for 15 years and the terms are not to be changed. Here (Romania) it is very difficult , the laws are changing often and the interest rates payed by investors to the banks are much higher, says Vicenzo Moderno , manager at Alto Energy .
The new law 220 says that the producers will receive 2  green certificates until 2017 and 1 green certificate  from 2018 for wind energy for each 1MWh produced and delivered; 3 green certificates per 1 MWh  for electric power from geo thermal, biomass, biogas, gas from processing the mud from switch pipes of used waters and no less than 6 green certificates for 1MW of solar energy.

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