Workbook Renewable Energy Romania

After months of delay due to the posponing of the implementation of the new law 220 on renewable energies of Romania and the hesitation of investors to step in the market due to the omission of the regulations to pay 2 GC’s per megawatt generated Wind Power, it will be finally released: The Work Book Renewable Energy Volume I, Wind Energy.

This workbook is meant for developers and investors in Wind Energy in Romania and gives a detailed description of the licensing process as well as the formalities that have to be fulfilled in order to being able to construct and operate a wind farm.

The workbook provides all the information needed to assess the profitability of a future project and gives directions how to start a project, how to evaluate a project that is offered for development and how to get through the – long – process of obtaining all the approvals and permissions.

It is developed for companies entering the Romanian market for wind energy; for the advanced professional who wants to have a quick insight in the procedures and development process but also for the beginner who wants to explore new markets and who is not so familiar with the criteria for developing a wind farm.

For those professionals who are already on the market the workbook helps organizing the information as well as provides a structured approach to the process, regardless in what phase of development you are in. Moreover it helps with analizing the possible obstacles you have encountered and last but not least, it comes with a project sheet that you can adapt to you own situation and needs.

The workbook does not provide any technical details about the construction and how to connecting a windfarm as technologies differ from technology provider to technology provider. A choice for a certain wind tower comes with its own requirements while the technical project needs to be custom designed depending on local circumstances, generator and wind-tower technology.

What it does provide however is what the requirements are and what laws and regulations Romania has for constructing and operating a wind farm. This workbook describes the many forms, reports, permits, approvals an contracts you need to set up a wind farm is richly illustrated with examples and practical advise.

Together with the industry report “Profitability of investing in wind energy in Romania” Lamar Company offers a complete and valuable source of information for the development and operation of wind farms in Romania.

Find out more about the workbook: Click HERE


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