Wind Energy Industry gears up for investing in Romania

After years of waiting it will finally happen: the new law on renewable energy Law 220 will be in force soon making Romania attractive for investing in renewable energy, especially in Wind Energy.

Europe’s largest Wind Farm under construction. The construction project comprises 240 wind turbines, each with the rated capacity of 2.5 MW. The total rated capacity of the project will reach 600 MW, that is more than double capacity of the currently largest wind farm in Europe (Whitelee, Scotland).

According to a research report conducted by Erste Bank in 2010, Romania’s wind energy potential is highest in South-East Europe, estimated at 14,000 MW installed capacity, equivalent to a total of production of 23 TWh.

By now 194 wind farms with a total capacity of over 7650 MW have been approved and have a connection contract with Transelectrica, the TSO in Romania. But that does not mean  that all these wind farms actually will be constructed as many developers of projects do not have the financial means to actually built a wind farm. Investors on the other hand do not want to go through the long, complicated and often frustrating process of permitting and that is where the two meet: developers that want to sell a fully developed wind farm that is ready for construction and investors that want to invest in a project that is ready for construction.

One of the companies that specializes in matching developers with investors is Lamar Company. Based in Romania Lamar Company knows all the ins and outs of the permitting process. Lamar Company published the report “Perspectives of Investing in Wind Energy in Romania” and recently updated the report with the 2011 release. The report gives a full and comprehensive overview of the market for Wind Energy in Romania. It gives detailed information about selling electricity on the DAM, the Day Ahead Market in Romania and the Green Certificates Scheme for Renewables.

In addition, Lamar Company also published the “Workbook Renewable Energy Romania”. This workbook describes the development of a wind farm from greenfield to operating in detail. Any developer and investor will find the workbook useful when developing or purchasing a wind farm in Romania. The workbook provides all the details of the entire permitting process and authorizations needed for constructing and operating a Wind Farm.

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