Romania has more than 16.000 Mw of Wind Power approved

Romania is fast on its way to become one of the largest providers of Wind Energy in Europe.

Projects that currently (15 June 2011) have a Connection Contract exceed  8000 Mw  Moreover, The TSO, Transelectrica and Distributors together approved another 8300 Mw in projects by issueing a positive Technical Connection Approval (ATR). (Source: S.A. Transelectrica SRL.

However this does not mean that all these projects will be actually built and they better not as the RPS, the Grid cannot handle such large volumes of Wind Power at this moment.The plans for enforcing the Grid until 2025 do not foresee such an increase in power generation capacities, specialists say.

Another problem in the balancing. The Romanian Power System needs to absorb the energy that is injected in the system, but when there is no consumer, the generation capacity needs to be shut down. Wind Power has priority, so other power sources, such as Coal and Gas fired power plants will have to shut down.

There is a solution however. By using the extra electricity for pumping water up in the lakes of hydro power stations, the energy can be “stored” and when extra  electricity is needed, the hydro power stations open the gates and start generating electricity on demand. Romania has plenty of Hydro Power and even more is coming up: another 1000 Mw will be built in Tarniţa – Lăpuşteşti.



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