Tide turning for Wind Energy in Romania?

In 2009 the channel MONEY.RO reported: “Romania loses its wind energy investment match with Bulgaria” but adding ” Romania will catch up with Bulgaria in two-three years”, quoting  Sebastian Enache, General Manager of Wind Power Energy.

Well he is probably right in more than one way. Not only the installed wind power in operation amounts up to 572 Mw as per Mai 2011, also the revenues finally will exceed those of Bulgaria once the RES promotion scheme will be in force and according to sources at the ANRE that might be in July 2011.

Looking at those revenues the conclusion is simple: they are great when it comes to the revenues per Mw: 2 Green Certificates + the Electricity Price on the market. At the current prices this means 56,15 per Green Certificate and approximately 40 EURO per Mw for the electricity totalling up to 152,30 EURO per Mw. The promotion scheme provides 2 Green certificates until 2018 and one after 2018.



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