Investing in Green Energy in Romania is starting to paying off

Besides the alarming news about the effects of global warming on our oceans due to the use of fosile fuels thus investing investing in Green Energy is no longer an option but became a must, investing in Green Energy also pays off in terms of ROI and Romania is not an exception.

Transelectrica, the Romanian Transmission System Operator announced that the total amount of electrical energy over the first 4 months in 2011 was 519.757 Mwh and that a total of 172 055 green certificates were issued. According to Transelectrica there are now 57 manufacturers of Green Energy in Romania registered with a total installed capacity of 680.3 MW. Specified after the source that is 572.78 MW in wind power, 81.26 MW in SHP (small hydro power), 25.25 – in biomass plants and 1.002 in photovoltaics.

In January the generated green power was 85,794 MWh from renewable sources, of which 51,001 MWh in wind power, 19 995 – in SHP, 14 798 in biomass and photovoltaic.

February there were 133,385 MWh (106.721 wind, 13.298 SHP, 82 PV and 13.284 biomass)

March – 157,000 MWh (106.721 wind 15 949 SHP, 16 721 biomass and 116 PV)

April – 143,578 MWh (110.622 wind, 18 046 SHP, 124 photovoltaic and
14.786 biomass)

May – 110,634 MWh (76,392 wind, 18 370 SHP, 149  photovoltaic and 15,723 biomass).

In total, the first 5 months of 2011 meant  630,406.299 MWh of renewable energy was generated, representing 1% of total electricity production (0.744% wind, SHP 0.136%, 0.001% 0.119% foltovoltaic and biomass).

Transelectrica issued 630,391 green certificates (CV). While until last year, energy from renewable sources was practically negligible.

ANRE announced that for 2010 the share of mandatory “green energy” was only 1.5% (compared to 8.3% as was the target, as required by law). The 2011 mandatory quota will also not be achieved, most likely within 5%
of energy consumption in Romania will be sources sources.

Funny enough, despite the maximum price for green certificates set at 55 EURO, the green certificates are actually sold at 56,15 EURO. On a yearly basis this is an extra 3105 EURO per Mw of installed capacity or 0.2 % extra ROI at this moment. When the 2 GC’s per Mwh will be effected even an extra 0,4%.


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  1. Good article! Lots to learn thanks!

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