Wind Farm Construction in Romania Posponed


The Romanian electricity distributor Electrica S.A. plans to build two wind farms of 50 MW in the southeastern localities of Chirnogeni and Frumusita.

With an investment of EUR 160 million, Electrica wants keep up with other distributors that already invested hundreds if not thousands of millions in wind farms in Romania. The most well known probably is CEZ with its wind farms in Fantanele and Cogealac with a total capacity of 600MW installed. But others such as Enel and Iberdrola are also trying to catching up.

Electrica however apparently under estimated the permitting process and now announced a delay of at least a year for the projects due to the difficulties with obtaining authorizations.

Developing a wind farm is never an easy job and takes in Romania on average 2-3 years but it also might take longer. And even then Romania is not the slowest. According to the EWEA, Romania is quite average considering that some projects in Spain even took 9 years to develop.

The permitting process in Romania is rather complicated. A recent study by the ALMA RO Association showed that one needs over 80 different permits and authorizations in Romania.

Electrica is not the first that faces delay’s with the development of a wind farm in Romania. Most projects take longer than initially planned due to unexpected issues that comes up during the development and construction.

Moreover Romania still did not apply the law 220 on renewables that provides a favorable payment scheme for electricity generated by wind, PV (Solar), Small Hydro (SHP) and Biomass. The law was first published in 2008, modified and republished in 2010 and just now presented to the EU Commission. Brussels should have given its consent for the scheme before it was send to parliament. In the mean time it is said that the ANRE officials were sent to Brussels for instructions and only on the 8th of June this (2011) year the file was sent to Brussels for approval.

Once again an example that Romanian Government still does not understand how the European Union, that they joined in 2007, works?

Read more: Work Book Renewable Energy and the report Perspectives of Investing in Wind Energy in Romania


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