Has Global Warming Stopped?

To support their claim that ‘global warming has stopped’ climate skeptics cherry-pick a small sample of years from a single dataset. This approach has been labelled ‘particularly suspect’ by independent statistical experts, and rejected by the scientific bodies which produce the temperature data sets.

Finally, it’s worth pointing a wider point: arguing ‘global warming has stopped’ based on only the temperature record would be ignoring all of the other indicators of warming:

Record and near-record dryness across the Northern Plains and Northwest created ideal wildfire conditions during September.

U.S. climate highlights: year-to-date (January-September)

  • The January-September period was the warmest first nine months of any year on record for the contiguous United States. The national temperature of 59.8°F was 3.8°F above the 20th century average, and 1.2°F above the previous record warm January-September of 2006. During the nine-month period, 46 states had temperatures among their ten warmest, with 25 states being record warm. Only Washington had statewide temperatures near average for the period.
  • January-September 2012 was the 11th driest such period on record for the contiguous U.S. with a precipitation total 1.98 inches below the average of 22.67 inches. The central portion of the country, from the Ohio Valley to the Rocky Mountains, was drier than average. Wetter-than-average conditions were observed along the Gulf Coast and in the Pacific Northwest.
  • The USCEI was more than twice the average value during the January-September period, and marked the highest USCEI value for the period. Extremes in warm daytime temperatures and warm nighttime temperatures contributed to the record high USCEI value.




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