Welcome at CEE-CCE, the first Carbon Credit Exchange for Central and East Europe

CEE-CCE stands for Central- and East European Carbon Credit Exchange.

We are based in Romania and provide consultancy for companies that deal with Carbon Credits as well as Green Certificates.

We also provide information about how to starting a green project in Romania and how to get funding for your project.

You will find on this portal actual information about Carbon Credits, Green Certificates and setting up Green Projects for and in the Romanian territory.

Our typical readers are:

  • Project Managers, Investors and administrators of Renewable Energy Projects:
  • Industrial Companies that need Carbon Credits or sell Carbon Credits and Green Certificates
  • Farmers, Forest Owners

• BIOFUELS; bio-diesel, ethanol, methanol, biomass to electricity
• BIOGAS; landfill gas, effluent pond methane
• BIO-SEQUESTRATION; plantations
• TECHNO-SEQUESTRATION; waste and consumption reduction technologies
• WIND; wind farms
• WAVE; wave farms, micro-turbines
• SOLAR; solar harvesting
• HYDROGEN; conversion

Carbon Cycle - Figure 1. A cartoon of the global carbon cycle. Pools (in black) are gigatons (1Gt = 1x109 Tons) of carbon, and fluxes (in purple) are Gt carbon per year. Illustration courtesy NASA Earth Science Enterprise.

Members Area

The Members Area provides valuable information about how to get your project running in Romania. Maps, procedures, important contact data, all nicely arranged and for direct use. No longer searching and calling yourself.

Do you like to get access to our Members Area? Just write an email to:


ceecce@gmail.com and we respond within 24 hrs to give you your password.

Coming Up:

CEE-CCE Internet Exchange, a market place for buying and selling Carbon Credits and Green Certificates as well as for finding partners for your Green Projects.


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